Edible Flowers & Herbal Teas

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Available between March - November. 

Our edible flowers are the perfect topping on cakes for all occasions or to add an extra wow factor to your special event, wedding or party. They can float on cocktails, nestle inside ice cubes, add colour and pizzazz to salads, etc.

We grow everything without chemicals and peat free. Your flowers are picked fresh to order and individually hand prepared as close as possible to the day you need them.


Edible flowers have risen in popularity but there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • We are experts regarding what is and isn't edible (every flower we supply will be safe to eat, however there may always be certain people who react to any foodstuffs including flowers). We always keep a record of the flowers supplied in your batch.

  • You must watch out for people using non-edible flowers as additional decoration on your food as some flowers can be extremely toxic,

  • Flowers must never be picked from roadsides or where people walk dogs.


We grow all of our edible flowers in safe designated areas of our gardens. We are happy to supply local cake makers.

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We have over 25 artisan loose tea blends.


Many of our ingredients are home grown, including flowers, herbs, fruits and berries..


For those more exotic ingredients (like rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, etc.) we order from the best quality, organic & fair trade providers we can find. 


Our gardeners love to spend the day indoors from time to time, especially when the weather is bad, blending the highly sensory ingredients and experimenting with new ideas.

Our teas are sold at local Farmers Markets but can also be bought here or from our workshop. Available in quantities of 15g or 25gms (or multiples of 25gms) and gift tins.


We can also supply larger quantities to retail businesses such as cafes for which we offer a trade discount. Please enquire for prices.

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