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Go BIG or GO home!

COMING SOON - our dried architectural range for event florists & stylists, corporates, interior designers, etc...

We have harvested some amazing structural, statement pieces recently including:

Teasels (8 to 9ft tall), big fluffy purple Artichoke heads on 1" thick stems, Multi headed Cardoons (5ft stems), Multi headed Sunflowers (6ft stems), Opium Poppy seed heads, Papyrus stems and Alliums with heads larger than footballs.

We can also supply gnarly, twisty stems branches.

Later in the season we hope to have a good stock of Sekka Willow (The proper Dragon's Claw), Chinese lanterns and gourds.

If you are searching for the BIG STUFF then give us a shout out. No-one else grows it quite like we do!

You can contact: or 07900 88 27 40

*All pieces are priced individually as they are all unique*

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