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Where does the time go?!

2021 has been challenging again for all of us, and today I realised that I haven’t written a blog post since February! We have been rushed off our feet looking after the flower plot, welcoming back old gardeners as well as new. Catching up with weddings that were all cancelled or postponed as well as exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in September, where we won a Bronze medal in the Floral Art & Floristry Competition.

Now its December and work on the plot has turned to prepping the beds for winter and construction projects. The major issue we had through the colder, wetter months previously was a broken land drain that would regularly flood the polytunnel and bottom shed, as well as make the paths into a quagmire.

Unfortunatley the local parish council couldn’t help financially to fix it so we did it ourselves, with the kind assistance of a fellow plot holder (and landscaper) Daryl and his co workers who hand dug the 30ft trench to the ditch that runs at the bottom of the allotments.

We bought in pipe, shingle and all the necessary materials. My husband and I installed the pipe work and our gardeners helped to fill it back in. Happy to say that during a recent deluge all the water flowed down the pipe and into the ditch, we now have our very own mini waterfall which is a source of wonder to our gardeners!

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